Remote Labs deliver positive action and results quickly, through customer insight and experience design

Find out what your customers really think

A one-day workshop including moderated user-testing of your digital experience.

De-risk digital investment

Understand your customers

Inspire, focus and motivate

Quick-wins that work

cxpartners is a business that helps to deliver real change — practical and actual changes that customers see and appreciate

Richard Pash

Marketing Director, Zurich UK

We are trusted by leading global brands to connect leadership teams to their customers

This is prevention through digital technology at its best. In short, FRANK is giving young people clear, unbiased information in a way they are comfortable with accessing.

Duncan Selbie

CEO Public Health England

39%increase in site traffic
200%increase in site speed
cxpartners cut through the rubbish that every business has - the red tape, the preconceptions, the ridiculous business processes. They pushed us to transform. What previously took us six months to do internally, we’ve just done in three weeks.

Stephen Allen

UX and Design Manager, RAC

8%increase in sales
18%increase in conversion
You always have wish lists of features. cxpartners set our priorities right and got us away from the HIPPO thing. They showed us how to get the business benefit back.

Dirk Schmidt

Head of Customer Processes, IT, Coop Switzerland

12.6%increase in sales

Why Remote Labs work

From insight to action - in just one day

Your team will watch five remote user research interviews and see first-hand their pain-points and what’s important to them.

Using the observations, we will work together with you to create an action plan of quick wins and long term solutions.

Remote collaboration

Remote Labs are designed to fit around the working from home day.

No matter what your team’s working schedule or pattern might be, we can run sessions over one full day or two shorter days.

Designed with Google

We devised our methodology with Google experts to help brands improve their mobile web experiences.

How Remote Labs work

  1. Meet the team

    You’ll have an initial call with our team, so we can understand the challenge and decide how we can work best together.

  2. Research and record

    Before your lab starts, we conduct and record detailed interviews with people who match your customer profile as they use your digital experience.

  3. Note taking and sharing

    At the start of the lab, your combined team watches the user interviews using a secure YouTube channel. Everyone is given the chance to take notes and share observations.

  4. Playback and planning workshop

    Then, our consultants will lead an insight prioritisation workshop — and, together with your team, devise an action plan to improve your digital experience and solve your business challenge.

  5. Action plan

    Our consultants will deliver an action plan you can implement immediately, for quick wins and longer term solutions.

Find out how we can help your business

Get in touch so we can hear about your challenge and set up a lab for you.